Kate Lamb, Photographer | Atlanta, GA
"Within the first 3 months of the course, I booked an additional 15 weddings from what I learned. I love the course and how much Kyle supports us to succeed."

Jen Scott, Photographer | South Florida
"My business has drastically changed in 4 months, and I am now making twice as much as before! And I am working FEWER hours per week! I want you to have as much success as I have, and I think that you will."

Krysta Gorman, Photographer | Niagara, ON, Canada
"Kyle's course has been life changing. Seriously, life changing! I've cut the golden handcuffs, got my life back, I'm now making more than $10,000 a month, and every day I learn something new. If you are on the fence, stop it, get off the fence and do it today. You won't regret it. It's life changing."

Brian Hudson, Photographer | Southern California
"Kyle's course has been a lifesaver of my business. My leads are more solid, my bounce rate is down, my business is better. It's a no brainer. I wouldn't want to be a part of any other community. Rock on."

Elizabeth Borges, Photographer | Northern California
"Really quickly, I noticed a lot of results. I doubled my prices AND I have doubled my bookings. And that happened in just the first two months of enrolling into the course. There's no fluff and he just tells you how it is. And that's what really helped me. If you are on the fence, JUST DO IT. It will help your business. It will help yourself. It will help your family. We live more comfortably now. You will not regret it, I swear."

Andrew Roby, Planner | Washington DC
"After implementing what's in Kyle's program, we had a HUGE change in the inquiries we are getting. Inquiries from all over the world! We didn't see any of that prior to being a part of Kyle's program. I am encouraging you to take the leap and get those benefits that I am seeing for myself, right now."

Emily, Planner & Florist | Seattle, WA
"Before starting Kyle's course, I was about ready to quit... and now I am charging three times as much as I ever have, and I am able to work a third of the weddings and have more fun so I can spend more time at home with my kids and not feel so burned out. I've also saved about of my working time per week! I now enjoy what I'm doing again!

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Amanda, Custom Bridal Designer | ON, Canada
I was on the fence. I have been in the course now for only 4 months and I've gone full time!" "It's really pushed my business to exactly where I want it to be." "If you are on the fence, I really guarantee that you are going to love it."

On this free training, you will learn...

Learn exactly what I have done over my 10-year career to build a six-figure wedding business, and how you can follow the same principles, step-by-step-by-step.


How to Book More Weddings with your ideal clients with attraction-based marketing so that you don’t have to be relying on referrals, word-of-mouth, or be spending tons of money into ads! 

How to set goals that actually create results. 

How to create your ideal client avatar and how to use that to target your ideal clients. 

How to optimize your brand and marketing message consistency across all your social media channels & your website .

Becoming omnipresent. Learn how to be where your ideal clients are looking for their wedding vendors.

Where to invest time & money into the areas where your ideal clients look for their vendors. Invest in your business to turn your hard-earned money into more money.


How to transform your old website into a high-converting leads machine (nearly) on autopilot

Everything else is a tool to drive traffic to your website. Your website is your #1 focus to convert traffic into bookings.

How to increase your perceived value to build brand trust.

How to increase your website user experience (how to minimize confusion & clutter, maximize value, & educate your prospect -- showcasing 99% of what you have, get them to inquire for the 1%)

100% of my leads come through some form of online marketing. Primarily, through organic SEO, my blog, social media, and ultimately, my website. Everything funnels back to my website. Your website is your #1 tool in your marketing arsenal.  Learn how to optimize it effectively.


How to optimize your client communication for more bookings so that you make more money.

How to optimize your website contact form to help you close more leads.

The importance of automation & systems to increase your work-life balance, your sanity, and your profits.

Email templates so you know exactly what to say, close more leads, and make more money.

The training is 90 minutes long.
Come prepared.
Come focused. 

This 90 minutes can change your life.

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Hey! I'm Kyle Goldie.

I'm a coach, educator, podcast host, photographer, husband, brother, traveler, and friend.

And over the last 10 years in my career, I realized something profound.

I want to take everything I have learned over my decade as a full-time creative business owner and help others succeed. 

I want you to be the best wedding pro that you can possibly be.

I want you to make more money, work fewer hours per week, and live the life you have dreamed about.

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